Qualities of Monafigheen – Part 6 – 6/21/09

by zar on Jun.29, 2009, under Lecture Summaries

In the Name of Allahinthe-name5

Get ready and put your thinking caps’ on. There is a lot of great stuff you won’t want to miss!!!

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True of False : According to Islam, when some one violates your right you are allowed to do the same or less or not doing it back at all.  -  True  -




It looks like there is no justice between Allah and the monafigheen. Right? Monafighs make fun of the Moemineen 2 times but Allah makes fun of them continually. According to Islam if they make fun twice Allah should make fun twice. Is Allah just?


If a person is a monafigh that sinned for 100 years, and then repented, according to Islam shouldn’t his punishment only last for 100 years? Instead of 100 years Allah will keep you in hell forever. According to Islam that is not justice. Right?

And according to this how do we see that Allah is a just lord?

First define justice.   …   Justice is is to give each person what they singley ddeserve.     —  Now do you see?  —



So … that means monafighs can’t come out of hell ever.





On the day of judgement the punishment(s) that Allah gives you is based on each sin you do.



Did you know that just 1 person’s sin can impact an entire country?



On the day of judgement the moemenn will be sitting and laughing at the monafighs in hell. Better yet that will be their revenge!


Every thing in life is a test. both hard and easy choices.


Any sin that we do and we don’t repent for it there will be a punishment for it.


Every word that the monafighs said that intended to make fun of the moemenn made their heart blind.



See you next week @ 7:30!

This lecture is summarized by: Reza Baghaee-Rezaee

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