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This week Mohebban girls were talking about Usool-e-Deen and Froo-e-Deen. We said that Usool-deen is beliefs in Islam, while Froo-e-deen is actions. Shia Muslims believe in 5 Usool-e-deen which are Tawheed( Oneness of Allah), Nabuwat ( prophet hood), Qiyamat ( Day of Judgment), Adl( Justice) and Imamat ( leadership). Sunni Muslims only believe in the first three principles…. We continued our discussion by saying that every Muslim needs to reach certainty about the Usool-e-deen in Islam, meaning that we are allowed to question these principles. Every muslim needs to have a clear understanding of their Usool-e-deen, or else their actions can be easily questioned… because our actions or Froo-e-deen (like Prayer, fasting etc) which are considered as rituals in Islam, are all performed because we believe in Usool-e-deen… so having faith in the oneness of Allah make us to pray and obey His commends as for example we fast during the month of Ramadan…. another example is our belief in the day of Judgment , which make us to become better people, give charity, and once again obey Allah…. If our Usool-e-deen is not fully understood, is the same as if our beliefs are incomplete….


So we continued by talking about the first principle of Usool-e-deen which is the concept of Tawheed or the oneness of Allah. All Mohebban girls were asked this question that why they believe in God and why they believe that God is only one?


Some came up with good answers, reminding all of us about the first debate we had in our Mohebban class,( the Atheist vs theist debate)…Sara said God is like air, we can’t see Him but we feel Him, or love which we can’t see it but all humans can feel it… Marzieh said if there was more than one God then there would be a lot of conflict in creating this world….. Maryam also added to this discussion that this world is so well organized and that s because there is a creator who created this world so perfectly…. All three of them were correct, for example what Marzieh said is based on a verse in the Quran and also what Maryam said is similar to some verses in the Quran where Allah(S.W.T) asks people that why don’t they(the people) think about their creation… meaning that this creation and this world is so perfect that it cannot be made by itself…


so to complete this discussion we said, Belief in God is an innate tendency that Allah has given all human beings… thats one of the reasons why some people and groups start worshiping idols in the past…it all because all humans have this desire to worship something or someone….. so as Sara said we feel God although we can’t see Him… Also we said that if we look at the world from a scientific point of view we would see so much perfection…. no randomness takes place in this world and it’s all because there is a divine power controlling it….This world, our own creation is indeed an indication and sign for the existence of God… as in the Quran says,”but for those who take heed “….

So for next time we will talk more about this principle in Islam, about why some people despite the natural tendency they have to worship a God, still they become atheists or why some people worship idols? inshallah we will compare these different schools of thoughts with Islam’s concept of Tawheed….

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